Parking Lot Procedure


Over the years, the number of parents who choose to drive their children to school has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, our school parking lot is not large enough to accommodate this high number of vehicles. Please help us keep all children safe by abiding by these rules.

Apple Valley Circular Drive

  • Drive slowly , no more than 5 miles per hour when using the driveway or parking lot.
  • During the hours of 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. and from 3:15 – 4:00 p.m. the circular drive in front of the school may be used only for the purpose of picking-up and dropping-off children. There is no parking in the drive through.
  • In the morning, use the right-hand lane to drop off students onto the sidewalk. Drivers must stay with their vehicles . At the end of the day, your child must wait in front of the gym until a staff member helps load them in your car.
  • At the end of the day we have an Apple Valley staff person who will direct you to pull forward and exit the lot after your child has been secured in the car. This is the only designated spot students may get into your car. Student may not get into cars from the sidewalk from any other spot unless the car line has ended and all remaining students are waiting at the main sidewalk. Pull forward as cars exit which allows more cars to safely enter the driveway.
  • The left-hand lane is for parking in a designated spot or exiting the lot. You must park your car in a designated spot and use the patrol manned crosswalk to come into the courtyard to pick up your child. No student may be allowed in the parking lot unless they are taken by the hand by the parent .
  • Never block the school buses or bus lanes. Please do not load or unload beside the bus.
  • There are no other authorized or monitored pick up areas.
  • The principal or her designee will talk to people who violate our procedures.

Front Parking Lot

1. Parents who have school business during the day should park their vehicles in a designated spot.

2.  Use only designated parking spaces behind the island sidewalk. Don’t park in the service driveway or block the buses at the North end of the parking lot

3. Handicapped parking spaces are reserved for those authorized to use them.These spaces may not be used for picking up or dropping off children.

4. Be watchful for patrol students as they direct and monitor the crosswalk for safety. Always be on the look out for students. Never stop your car in the crosswalk!

Thank you for your support. Your suggestions for further improvement are greatly appreciated.


Students who choose to walk to school must use appropriate safety measures. Children walking to school should try to walk in a group with others. Parents need to instruct children in the safest route, appropriate behavior, and what to do in an emergency. Students should use sidewalks and crosswalks. To assist in their safety, Apple Valley Elementary and the West Valley School District have established a School Safety Patrol. Please remind students to cross where safety patrols are stationed and to follow their directions.


1. Bicycles must be walked and parked upon arriving on school grounds and remain parked until school is dismissed.

2. It is the parent’s responsibility to decide if the child is mature and responsible enough to ride a bike safely to school.

3. The school assumes no responsibility for bikes at school.

4. Riders must obey traffic rules that apply to vehicles.

Skateboards are not allowed on campus .